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Do you suffer from planner regret or planner FOMO?

Digital planning has become so popular over the past few years and the choices have gotten overwhelming. Which planner should you buy? Will it work on my iPad? My phone?

So many questions. With too many options.

Do you wish there was one place you could go to download your planner? A place that had planners that would work no matter what operating system you use?

This is the place!

The All-New, Upgraded Membership Site

So, what's changed?

Well, the previous membership offered a monthly planner and sticker pack. The new membership has....

All The Digital Planning Things! 

The Awesome Planner's full catalog of products is located in the member area - with new undated planners added when designed. Download what you need to plan a productive life.

Wait a minute... What?

You heard right. You can get ALL the planners.

I should have named it THE AWESOME MEMBERSHIP because...

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OneNote Planners

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Dated and Undated

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  • OneNote Planners
  • PDF Planners
  • Planner Inserts
  • Sticker Database
  • Bonus content and materials
  • Planner Resources

I love designing planners. I love knowing that people use them to plan special and important things.

ALL of the planners in the Everyday Awesome shop have been removed for individual sale (with the exception of the 2022 collection). Future releases of undated planners and other specialty planners will only be given to members.

Here's a peek into the member's area:


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